Here are some photos I've taken with my backyard telescope (11" Celestron). I live in a moderately light-polluted suburb of Dundee in Scotland. At latitude 56.5 degrees north, there are several disadvantages besides the light pollution. This far north the amount of night sky visible is fairly limited; anything further south than a declination of around -20 isn't above the horizon very long and tends to be obscured in the haze near the horizon. Also, this far north, the night sky never gets truly dark between around mid-May to the end of July, so summer observing isn't possible. Of course, the flip side of this is that in the winter, the sky is dark from around 4.30 PM.

The photos were taken by using a Pentax K-3 camera attached to the prime focus of the telescope and taking a number of exposures, usually around 30 seconds per exposure. These images are then stacked using the DeepSkyStacker program, and then further tweaked in Corel's PaintShop Pro (Photoshop is now a ripoff as they demand a continuing online subscription fee in order to use it) to bring out the detail.

Don't expect professional-quality images here. I'm just pleased to be able to see anything at all given the light pollution and bad weather!

Messier objects

NGC (New General Catalogue) objects

IC (Index Catalogue) objects

PGC (Principal Galaxies Catalogue) objects