Sidney Coleman: Quantum Field Theory - Lectures by Sidney Coleman

Here are some notes I made while reading Coleman's QFT book. For the most part, the book is quite clear in its derivations and explanations, so these notes are mainly reminders for me, along with filling in a few points glossed over in the book. Hopefully the notes may be of use to others.Note that these notes are designed to be used for someone reading through Coleman's book, so I won't include derivations that are explicitly done in the book.

The book does have a number of problems to work on, but complete, detailed solutions to the problems are included in the book, so I don't see much point in reproducing those here.

For anyone seriously interested in learning quantum field theory, I would recommend Coleman's book above every other book I've looked at. Perhaps due to its size (more than 1100 full-sized pages), it has more space than other books to explain things thoroughly, although I think a lot of the reason is Coleman's exceptionally clear teaching style. The book is essentially a transcription of his lecture notes given in the Physics 253 course at Harvard.

Chapter 1 - Special relativity and quantum mechanics

Chapter 2 - The simplest many-particle theory

Chapter 3 - Constructing a scalar quantum field

Chapter 4 - The missing box

Chapter 5 - Symmetries and conservation laws I. Spacetime symmetries

Chapter 6 - Symmetries and conservation laws II. Internal symmetries

Chapter 7 - Introduction to perturbation theory and scattering

Chapter 8 - Perturbation theory I. Wick diagrams

Chapter 9 - Perturbation theory II. Divergences and counterterms