A. Zee: Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell

Here are some notes and solutions to accompany Zee's textbook on general relativity (which he refers to as 'Einstein gravity'). The book (at least in the early chapters) is written for an undergraduate physics student with knowledge of basic Newtonian mechanics, calculus and linear algebra.

As most of the derivations are clearly given in the text, I won't repeat them here. These notes and solutions are designed to be read along with the book.

There is a limited list of errata here, although it is far from complete, as I've found a few errors not listed here.


Chapter I.1 - Newton's laws

Chapter I.2 - Conservation is good

Chapter I.3 - Rotation: Invariance and infinitesimal transformations

Chapter I.4 - Who is afraid of tensors?

Chapter I.5 - From change of coordinates to curved spaces

Chapter I.6 - Curved spaces: Gauss and Riemann